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Lumbar pillow

Lumbar pillow

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The waist pillow can be divided into four parts: the back waist, the extension, the support and the increase of the pad, the middle is hard, the side is soft, and the lumbar vertebrae can be fixed when sleeping. Lumbar support pillow for sleeping can bend the contour of the body, not deform, very suitable for sleeping.


3D air net waist lumbar pillow has a soft triangle profile, upgrading a soft triangle wedge pillow, has enough support. Use Tusscle Lumbar Waist Support Cushion Lumbar Pillow in bed, sleeping on your back, providing enough support for your waist. Sleeping side sleeping pillow can close the waist curve, relieve waist pain, improve sleep quality.


Our Back Support Waist Lumbar Pillow is made of unique open weave mesh material, with gas permeability, very hygienic and durable, no chemical smell or smell. Side sleeper pillow When cleaning, just put it in the washing machine to maintain cleanliness, dry it.


We use waist support pads size 22*13*1.5 inches. Overall thickness can be adjusted via a detachable disc to help improve spinal posture, reduce back muscles and alternate ligament strap, they can also be placed between the calf or knee as insulation from Leg. The waist support pad on this bed is very light so that it can wear daily use.

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