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Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Get ready to enjoy the most powerful hand vacuum to leave your car completely clean.

This handheld car vacuum cleaner with cigarette lighter adapter and 12 V power has a 5-meter cable and a unique and integrated flexible tube that allows it to reach all places in the car, even the trunk.

No bags in between, due to its advanced design.
Vacuums the interior in seconds
Ultralight structure with flexible and long tube.
Feel all the power in your hand.


AspiraPro® Technology

With a maximum power of 12 W and a great suction power of up to 2.5 kPa, it vacuums all kinds of dirt and achieves total cleaning.

Just connect the adapter to the socket (lighter) in your glove box, and ready to start absorbing all the dirt.

There will be no dust or garbage that can resist, in a matter of minutes, thanks to all its included plugins.

Forget the bags with CycloSystem

Its bagless cyclonic technology, CycloSystem, maintains suction power like the first day, and together with the filters, separates particles for extreme and long-lasting cleaning.

No maintenance, no repairs. Always functional for you to vacuum all the dirt at any time.

Vacuum dirt and liquids

Designed to guarantee total cleaning, the technology it incorporates makes this vacuum cleaner the perfect ally for cleaning solids and liquids.

You can vacuum any dirt in any corner of your car, since it is suitable for all types of surfaces. Comfortable and versatile.

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