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Naturducha Ionic Shower Head

Naturducha Ionic Shower Head

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Naturducha Ionic Shower Head - filter naturally and save on your water bill

Shower water may contain unwanted elements. For this reason, it is important to acquire the best shower head that has a filter to retain limescale, chlorine with an anti-limescale filter, heavy metals and unwanted odors.

The Naturducha universal shower head with ionic filter and vitamin C is a shower head that will allow you to obtain a healthy shower for you and your entire family.

Purifies, cleans and enriches water

Benefits of natural minerals for your skin

Reduce your consumption by up to 55%

easy to install

Increase the pressure 4 times more

What is it and how it works?

This Naturducha Ionic Head is a shower head whose handle contains filters in the form of mineral spheres.

These minerals emit powerful negative ions that purify water, regulate pH, they improve hydration and absorb limescale remains and some heavy metals such as rust.

This way you will get the water to come out filtered, clean, enriched and without clogging your shower.

Compatible with any shower

The Naturducha Ionic Head has an ergonomic design, with a simple and elegant finish. It will adapt to your shower thanks to its universal connector, and installing it is very simple.

Within minutes you will be enjoying your new improved shower!

Natural stones for skin and hair

Enjoy an ecological, natural and environmentally friendly shower, while saving water and taking advantage of the benefits of our incorporated natural minerals.

  • 100% natural Maifan stones that filter: heavy metals and leave the beneficial minerals of the water intact.
  • 100% natural Zeolite stones , a mineral that filters impurities from the water, and helps regenerate the PH of the skin.
  • Interchangeable vitamin C. It provides an invigorating shower, as well as helping to eliminate chlorine.

Very effectively reduces itching and dry skin, dandruff, eczema and is beneficial for the scalp. Ideal for sensitive, allergic and atopic dermatitis skin.

Eco shower with mineral filter (ionic)

3 different experiences


Well-being at the level of the best spa

These incredible characteristics are possible thanks to the mineral spheres introduced into the handle that emit negative ions while providing a pleasant sensation of well-being.

This relaxing sensation is multiplied because the head has more holes than traditional models, as well as strategically placed micro holes to offer a SPA shower experience.

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