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Gloves x2 Hair remover

Gloves x2 Hair remover

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Likewise, the massage will allow a better circulation and the result will be healthy skin and a shiny coat . All this thanks to this Pet Hair Remover Gloves that with its delicate 180 silicone tips achieve an easy brushing that adapts to each of the areas of your beloved pet.

This glove you can use at least once a week on your dog's coat, with truly amazing results. We must emphasize that this pack includes two right hand gloves.

How to use?

The process is simple, since you must use it as if it were a normal brush. Brush your dog the way you always do, and as you run the glove through his fur, the dead hair will stick to the glove, making it easy and simple to remove the glove and dispose of it.

This Pet Hair Remover Gloves You can use it for both dogs and cats, with the advantage that you can adapt it to all areas of the pet.


  • Remove loose dog hair.

  • Helps improve circulation and healthy skin.

  • Massage sensation in your pet with a relaxing effect.
  • It has 180 silicone tips for easy brushing.


  • Practical and soft glove for dogs with long, short or curly fur. Use at least once a week.
  • The two units that this product contains are for the right hand.
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