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Galaxy Lunar Lamp

Galaxy Lunar Lamp

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Discover the most impressive lunar lamp in the world!

Have your own moon at home and create a wonderful atmosphere beyond your expectation. We present the Galaxy Lunar Lamp, the fashionable gift. Still not got yours?

Its unbeatable value for money makes it the best ambient light of 2021, perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, reading areas or children's rooms.

The perfect lamp to illuminate any environment, while providing an impressive decorative object. In addition, it serves as an ideal gift, both for children, adolescents or adults... you will not leave anyone indifferent!

Transform your room with this Galaxy Lunar Lamp not available in a physical store !

The most original decoration for children and adults
Different lighting modes and colors
100% touch and portable
The perfect gift that cannot be found in stores

touch control

With the Galaxy Lunar Lamp you can easily regulate the color and light intensity with a single touch with your finger. Touch and hold the bottom for a few seconds to turn it on!

It is perfect as a night lamp and very practical to avoid wasting time looking for the cable or the switch. It is designed so that young children can easily turn the moon lamp on and off thanks to its simple touch mechanism.


Wireless and portable

You can charge the Galaxy Lunar Lamp with a simple USB cable (included) and enjoy the most exotic lunar lighting for more than 8 hours without cables.

For when you get up at midnight to drink water or need to go to the WC, with the moon lamp you will have soft lighting that will accompany you wherever you are.

Take it wherever you go on your travels, and let its stunning color light up your nights in the car, camping or in your hotel room.

Save on your electricity bill

In addition to providing an excellent option as a gift or decoration, this lamp saves energy due to its LED bulb, which provides a soft light that does not harm the eyes. It works with a lithium battery, which is charged at any USB port with a range of six hours.

Enjoy the most pleasant light by saving each month on your electricity bill!


original and perfect design

The Galaxy Lunar Lamp has a perfectly finished design, with the best and most advanced 3D printing technology.

Due to its design, it is ideal for children's rooms, although it can also be used to illuminate other spaces.

Although it is a moon-shaped lamp, its " origami " style wooden base allows it to be adapted to different decorations and environments.

Moon Lamp Night Lamp Generic 3 Color/16 Color

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