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Mini Grill

Mini Grill

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Smokeless Copper Grill Plate (2 Trays)

With its 100% copper technology, nothing will stick or scratch the surface.

You will enjoy the No Smoke technology to cook without smoke or odors thanks to the grid and tray system that collects all the fat that falls.

It's an ingenious new way to cook and grill indoors without smoke.

It features a hot grill rack that allows oils and fats to drip (for healthier eating) onto a tray that cools the oils and fat, so they don't form smoke. In such a way that food like bacon stays crunchy, but juicy.

It has a temperature controller that distributes the heat evenly.

Cleaning it is very easy, it can also be put in the dishwasher.


- Power 1250 Watt

- Maximum temperature 260º

- Total measures 40.60cm x 35.60cm

- Internal grill size 30cm x 28cm

- Includes: 2 Trays.

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