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Mini Massage Gun + 4 FREE heads

Mini Massage Gun + 4 FREE heads

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The most compact massage gun on the market - soothe and improve your muscles in seconds!

Reliefs Muscle Soreness & Stiffness

Reduces muscle tension and contractures in minutes

Massage Gun Encourages Blood Circulation Improve your blood circulation
Spa-Like Relaxing Massage Enjoy a SPA-style massage
Promotes Muscle Warmup & Recovery Improve your performance before and after training

Surely you suffer from one of these problems

Do you usually have back contractures ?

Do you play sports regularly and always notice some area of ​​tension ?

Do you have an injury that is giving you war?

Do you frequently suffer annoying soreness ?

Do you feel back pain and stiff neck after work?

Don't have time to go to the physiotherapist?

Then you have to try the new trendy gadget because it can help you with all of it: the massage gun. Surely by now you will have seen more than one influencer on Instagram and it is that they have become a true object of desire.

Take advantage of this limited time offer! You can't get it in a physical store!

Mini Massage Gun - Vibration massage gun

✅ Feel how post-workout recovery speeds up thanks to increased blood flow.

✅ Experience relief in your muscles by reducing muscle tension .

✅ Feel prepared for any type of training by activating the muscles before you start.

Save time and money at physiotherapists or masseurs by taking the massage gun anywhere and using it when and how you want.

Mini Massage Gun — The Recovery Room

Meet the new percussion therapy

With this mini massage gun, you can benefit from the new percussion therapy.

The vibrations they emit penetrate to the deepest muscle fibers of our body. This device will help you keep your muscles in check before or after a race or high intensity training, when you feel some muscle pain or simply when you want to relax and relieve tension.


- Round shape: waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs

- Mushroom shape: internal and external muscles of the abdomen, chest and legs

- U shape: spine, cervical, shoulder and bilateral muscles

- Conical shape: soles, palms, Achilles tendon and rhomboid

The advantages of a massage gun that fits in your pocket

The mini massage gun is the size of a hand. You can keep it in a backpack or even in your pocket! Relax and decompress your muscles at any time and place.

Powerful work:
Does it seem too small to be powerful? That's because you don't know the capacity of this mini gun yet. It can reach 3,200 rpm, giving you unprecedented comfort and just enough power to relieve muscle pain without harming your health.

Durable battery:
It has a rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for 6 hours on a single charge. Whether you want to relax at home, exercise outdoors, or do yoga, the mini massage gun will give you a long-lasting, seamless massage experience whenever you need it.

silent and discreet

This exquisite massage gun adopts the latest noise reduction technology, even at the highest speed, the sound will not exceed 50db. Much less noise than a fan!

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