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3D Amplifying Screen

3D Amplifying Screen

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The new way to watch your favorite videos

Your incredibly realistic movies and videos.

Multiply the power of your mobile.

Turn your device into a television.

Stop hurting your eyes.

Enjoy the incredible experience of seeing your mobile screen enlarged in a matter of seconds. View any video, series or movie that you are playing on your smartphone with the highest image quality !

A whole new experience

Is your mobile screen too small?

Do you leave your sight to watch a series?

Do you like to watch the matches of your favorite sport on your mobile?

Do you cook following the recipes from your mobile?

If the answer is YES to one or more questions, you're in luck. Forget about the discomfort of viewing content on the small screen of your mobile, and discover the new way to enjoy your favorite videos.

This new device works like a phone's projector screen, doubling the size of your screen with FULL HD quality so you can enjoy movies and videos on your smartwatch to the fullest.

You will never stare at that small screen again.

How many hours a day are you watching videos, movies, football or programs from your mobile? Sure many.

When you stare at that small screen for so long, in addition to being uncomfortable and missing the most important details, your eyes suffer .

Do you want to avoid the damage caused to your vision by fixing your eyes so much? Don't worry, we have the solution for you: with HD zoom optical technology, this screen magnifier magnifies your screen, preserving a sharp and clear image , without the need for a battery.

Magnify your screen x4 - x6 times

FULL HD image and 100% realistic color.

Extra-comfortable hands-free support.

Optical technology to avoid visual fatigue.

Compatible with iPhone and Android.

Comfortable, light, versatile and portable.

This magnifying glass is the most convenient device you can buy because it requires no installation or maintenance.

If you are one of those who uses your mobile for everything and you always carry it with you, you will like to know that you can take this lightweight magnifying glass with you whenever you need it.

It weighs practically nothing, is foldable and fits anywhere. Use it to enhance your viewing experience and reduce damage to your eyes !

Your best ally at home.

You can watch movies, enjoy football, play games, and even view photos on the nightstand.

The tool you need on the job.

Read your documents with magnified vision, enjoy a better image in your video call meetings, or check your email in the most comfortable way possible.

It will accompany you whenever you need it.

Think about how much you use your mobile while doing other things. You can take this magnifying glass with you to your workouts on an exercise bike or use it so that no ingredient fails when you cook your favorite recipes in your kitchen.

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