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Pest Reject

Pest Reject

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The new Pest Repulse Power is more powerful and effective since it protects a surface of up to 300 meters. It has advanced electromagnetism and ultrasound technology to repel rats, mice, beetles, cockroaches... and as a novelty, it has an impulse amplifier to go further and scare away inopportune visitors.

Unlike other insect repellents, Pest Repulse Power has amplified ultrasonic impulses for greater effectiveness and range.

Pest Repulse Power combines 2 technologies: Ultrasound + Electromagnetism.

You will only have to connect the device to the electrical current and it will do all the work in an unlimited way and without the need for spare parts 24 hours a day. Pest Repulse Power emits electromagnetic digital impulses that directly affect the nervous system of cockroaches, spiders and rodents, making them feel really uncomfortable, making them leave our home and preventing them from reappearing. And it is also that this device, unlike others, emits an ultrasound that also makes all flying insects disappear. It also has a practical built-in night light.

Not recommended for pets in the rodent family.

It has an instruction book.

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