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VaporMax Portable Iron

VaporMax Portable Iron

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VaporMax Portable Iron - efficient, safe and ready for your travels

When you travel a lot, you need to lighten your luggage to move more comfortably. However, your presence depends on the appearance of your clothes, so you cannot do without a portable steam iron.

With all the functions and specifications of a professional iron, this VaporMax Portable Iron model It has very practical dimensions and is easy to use .

If you want to have a portable and versatile steam iron to take on all your trips and leave your clothes totally perfect, this is the ideal model.

Portable and versatile

To leave our clothes impeccable, especially if we are traveling or away from home, discover the new Vertical VaporMax Portable Iron .

You only have to fill it with water, plug it into the electrical network and apply it to fabric, this can be wool, cotton, satin, polyester and all your clothes.

Ironing 2x1

The VaporMax Portable Iron gives us a 2 in 1 to our clothes; It has a head that allows us to brush and vaporize simultaneously. 

In this way it completely eliminates wrinkles in all types of fabrics in just a couple of passes and a few minutes of application.

Avoid burns

Unlike other travel models, the VaporMax Portable Iron has a anti burn ceramic plate with a triple atomization function that does not drip.

With its nanoscale function it achieves a high temperature and delicate action , which will avoid you always resorting to the atomizer.

In 1 minute, 100% sure

The VaporMax Portable Iron generates heat in just 1 minute. Its water tank will allow you a autonomy long lasting for remove wrinkles quickly .

It has a baffle design to prevent all types of mist liquefaction. In this way, the steam generates at high temperatures without endangering your hands, sanitizes the fabrics and kills all your bacteria .

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