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360º Rotating Electric Duster

360º Rotating Electric Duster

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SpinDuster® Magic Duster

Does dust accumulate in every corner of your house?

Is finishing him off a real battle that consumes your time?

Have you noticed that dusters and cloths only move dirt from one place to another?

You're in luck, because we have exactly what you need. oh this duster rotating electric with electrostatic action that will allow you to catch dirt effortlessly and on all surfaces, in a matter of seconds and protecting you from dust!

Save hours of your time cleaning

Get a flawless finish

Protect yourself against allergies

Clean every surface effortlessly

It looks like magic... it's just technology!

The SpinDuster® Electric Duster is here to revolutionize the way you clean at home.

The head rotates at 250 revolutions per minute , creating a static electricity charge on the tens of thousands of dusting wires, turning them into a magnet for dust .

Nothing resists this electric duster! Less effort, less time and cleaner. Can you ask for more?

It works by motor : it removes the dust without making any effort, it is completely automatic! It is very easy to use: just press a button and SpinDuster® will clean any surface in a matter of minutes.

360º range : with its integrated technology, there is no corner or gap that resists it. It can cover 360 degrees of cleaning, it will reach every corner of your home. You will be able to clean the plants, the crystals of the lamps, the walls, the windows, the crockery, the bookstores...

Innovative design : specially designed fibers to attract and trap every dust particle, making your cleaning much faster and more efficient.

Gentle and safe : it is perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces, including delicate objects that require special care.

Lightweight and portable - Since it is battery operated, you can use the SpinDuster® anywhere as it is cordless. It is portable!

Two accessories for total cleaning

SpinDuster® includes two practical accessories that provide a complete cleaning of the home.

On the one hand, it includes an extendable arm that is perfect for cleaning the highest areas of the house and lamps.

And on the other hand, it incorporates a small head , which is ideal for removing dust from keyboards and for cleaning the most delicate places, such as the interior of the car.

Say goodbye to traditional dusters and uncomfortable rags that only move dust from one place to another and get your SpinDuster® now! Enjoy a clean, dust-free house in a matter of minutes and with hardly any effort!

Why is it the best purchase to improve your cleaning?

  • Motorized dust duster.
  • It does the hard work for you.
  • The heads attract and trap dust, thanks to their electrostatic charge.
  • The super soft dust head is ideal for every corner of your home.
  • It adapts to difficult places.
  • It is safe for all types of surfaces.
  • Simple operation: With a single button.
  • Reusable and washable dust caps.
  • Battery operated (4 AA batteries, not included).

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