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StarLight® Galaxy Projector

StarLight® Galaxy Projector

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StarLight® Projector - Galaxies and planets all over your room

Wonderful show of lights and galaxies

Inspire your creativity and stimulate your imagination

Get a complete relaxation environment

Integrated bluetooth speaker for a magical atmosphere

Try thousands of combinations with its customizable modes

The new projector that everyone wants

Surely you have already seen the phenomenon that is sweeping social networks. It cannot be missing in the room of any of your favorite influencers, and neither in yours!

Still don't have your star projector? Discover the StarLight® Projector with a unique discount for a limited time!

Illuminate every corner of the room –including walls, ceilings and floors– with constellations full of bright moving stars and if that were not enough, you will have your own nebula.

A stunning viewing experience

The latest and most unique star projector, perfectly combining stars and nebulae, will completely change your perception of any room.

The colored clouds alternately rotate and project stars, galaxies, nebulae and planets in high resolution. The clouds float silently like sea waves under the night sky, which will let you experience different and interesting starry nights.

Galaxy Projector 2.0™ - LovelySophia

The StarLight® Projector allows you to select:

16 million colors (brightness and contrast adjustment).
21 relaxing wave effects .
2 modes of color change (static and dynamic).
Scenario adjustment function.
Personalized timer to save energy.
Integrated speaker to play rhythmic music

From the controller, your mobile or... your voice!

control it how you want
You can use the wireless remote that comes with your StarLight® Projector , install the app to discover new modes and colors or... connect it to Alexa or Google Assistant to give voice commands!

This new StarLight® Projector includes an integrated speaker so you can listen to your favorite music while you relax watching an impressive starry sky.

The perfect plan to disconnect and let your imagination run wild!

Galaxy Breeze- Projector night light with bluetooth music – Inspirelivingvibe

You have children? This will change your life

The arrival of night can be quite scary, especially in stages as early as childhood. Both darkness, shadows or silence make children scared.

Having a StarLight® Projector in the room will entertain any child looking at that beautiful scenery. They will obtain a large number of benefits in terms of quality of life:

  • They will rest all night
  • They will cry less often at dawn
  • They will wake up with more energy in the morning
  • They will stop being afraid.
  • They will enhance their creativity and imagination.

Fill their room with pleasant lights and help them get over their fear!

Galaxy™ Projector | Today 1+1 FREE – Christmas Shop | Projector, Elegant houses, Christmas

The perfect gift for all ages

The StarLight® Projector is not only suitable for children, but also for adults.

The night lights are suitable for birthdays , parties , weddings , room decoration , children's day, Christmas and anniversary gifts.

The StarLight Projector creates a wonderful, starry atmosphere that helps inspire curiosity, imagination and creativity.

If you have to make a gift, with this projector you will be right for SURE !

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