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Waterfall Incense Burner + FREE Incense

Waterfall Incense Burner + FREE Incense

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Cascade Incense Burner

You enter the house of a friend or acquaintance and suddenly a sweet aroma reaches you .

You look this way and that, searching for the source of the incense smoke.

And suddenly you realize that he has a unique incense burner that you have never seen before. Of the best quality, maximum originality and... what a smell!

Good thing you're in the right place to renew that old incense burner you have and get the one you really deserve.

With this Cascade Incense Burner you will enjoy a completely original and unique look to burn your incense... and we give you 10 cones with an incredible smell!

Take advantage of this limited time offer!!

A burner with a unique effect.

Exceptional design: a truly original way to enjoy the pleasant aroma of incense, thanks to the unique cascade effect . Light your incense and watch how the dense smoke slides down... beautiful and original!

Quality Material – Handcrafted from the highest quality ceramic , this burner has a luxurious finish, so all your visitors will be impressed.

A real novelty: if you are used to using wands, you will enjoy watching the smoke fall slowly and without too much haste, down the waterfall. Without a doubt an original incense burner that you should have !

Multiple options: use this original burner with reflux cones or wands... it's up to you what you prefer!

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We give you 10 assorted cones

So that you can enjoy our Cascade Incense Burner to the fullest, we give you a bag with 10 cones of natural origin.

  • Varied tasting package
  • Rich aroma and long fragrance
  • Made for flame retardant - last longer!
  • Natural properties beneficial to health

Natural and sustainable material

These incenses are made primarily from natural ingredients, avoiding the use of harsh or synthetic chemicals.

Whenever possible, we use sustainable materials for packaging. During manufacturing we try to keep waste as low as possible, and where possible waste is used for fuel or livestock feed, so our carbon footprint is exceptionally low .

The raw materials used for manufacturing are mainly sourced from local farmers in different parts of India, thanks to more than seven decades of well-established relationships with farmers.

Buying with us is supporting fair and sustainable trade!

Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Burner Censer Holder Home Decor Zen Tpye + 10 Cones Drop Shipping

Using incense will improve your life in many ways.

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Since ancient times, the benefits of this plant for the body and mind have been used in Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, India and Arab countries. In addition to offering its beautiful aroma that harmonizes the energy of your home, incense has many other benefits

Improves blood circulation.
Frankincense has an acid called boswellic, this ingredient is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and because it helps improve blood flow and circulation.

Helps the respiratory system
Frankincense is a great ally to help fight various respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, frequent colds, and allergies.

Acts as a natural air freshener
To help freshen the room, light some incense of any kind as a guilt-free air freshener. It's completely natural, so no harsh chemicals will flow into the air. Big brand air fresheners usually contain four strong chemicals in them.

calm anxiety
If you are stressed or suffering from anxiety, lighting your incense will help you relax, calm your mind and positively improve your anxiety and nerves.

Reduces scars
If you suffer from skin, you may consider using incense as a form of treatment. It has properties to help the skin heal faster.

Keeps your mind active
Frankincense helps improve memory and eliminates the feeling of mental fatigue

Take advantage of the unique DISCOUNT offer and get 10 FREE cones!

Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Burner Censer Holder Home Decor Zen Tpye + 10 Cones Drop Shipping

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