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MiniFocus Rose Watch

MiniFocus Rose Watch

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Minifocus Rosé watch - the perfect complement to look elegant

The Minifocus Rosé Watch for women is feminine, elegant and has a special color. A complement made to combine with your looks, with its own unique style.

The new launch of the renowned brand
Unique style and elegance in rose gold
Combine it with any look

Boost your beauty

With a hexagonal case, tapered edges and a clean, uncluttered dial, the Minifocus Rosé Clock is a game of lines, shape and design. The rose gold hexagon protects a sphere with a deep hue like the ocean, expressing exclusivity and originality.

A watch that combines feminine and classic elegance with simplicity and splendor.

Luxury jewelry at a unique price

This Minifocus Rosé watch , which offers you a new and surprising design, will make you look finer than ever and stand out from all your companions. Seductive aesthetics at the height of high jewelry, for a limited time within reach of your pocket.

A flexible bracelet adorned with a motif inspired by the scales of the snake will make it fit perfectly with any style, just like yours.

Quality and elegance for you

The bracelet of the watch is made of steel, gilded in rose gold, classic mesh type, with an adjustable closure.

The crystal is mineral; this Minifocus Rosé watch resists a pressure of 5 atmospheres of pressure (50 meters), although we do not recommend immersing it in salty or chlorinated water to preserve the plating from oxidation caused by this element.

Take care of your jewelry - practical advice

Our watches, like the Minifocus Rosé watches are high-end pieces of jewelry and must be treated with care. Our pieces are strong and durable, but be careful when using perfume, hairspray, nail polish, etc.

Keep your special pieces in a safe place where they do not receive the direct impact of sunlight or humidity. We want you to be able to enhance your elegance with our watch for a long time!

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