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Automatic Curling Iron Perfect Curls

Automatic Curling Iron Perfect Curls

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Automatic hair curler - get spectacular curls in a few seconds!

Would you like to wake up every morning and spend less time doing your hair?

Are you always late or "narrow" and still want to have beautiful curls with a charming style?

Waves and curls are a trend, but if you have straight hair you can also wear them with the help of a curling iron like this one. The portable and cordless Automatic Hair Curler is the right styling tool for you.

Exactly what you needed to show off unique curls.

The Automatic Curler offers fast, cordless operation.

Its automatic technology allows you to roll your hair and create curls in just 8 seconds .

With its built-in rechargeable battery , you can get instant curls anytime, anywhere without searching for a power outlet.

It is a perfect replacement to forget about traditional curling irons!

How do you use the Automatic Curler?

Hair is gently drawn into the ceramic chamber, where it is held for the selected time and heated to form a curl. The curler will then indicate when it is time to release the curl.

With the curl direction setting and 3 time settings, you can create different types of curls for gorgeous, natural-looking curls.

Step 1 - Decide your look
Set the curl direction, temperature and timer.

Step 2 - Start your change
Take a strand of hair and pin it into the hair slit.

Step 3 - Just press a button

Hold down the rotation key to curl the hair.

Step 4 - Ready in seconds!
Remove the hair when you hear the acoustic signal. Go for another lock!

smart heat control

The Auto Curler features 6 adjustable low heat settings up to 200 degrees maximum, combined with 6 timer settings to prevent damaging your hair , even if it's fine, brittle or color-treated.

It has a unique anti-cramp design and automatic reverse rotation to help prevent any tangled hair problems. It is also energy efficient. It will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of non-use!

Comfortable, safe and portable

No wires, no effort

Say goodbye to annoying and tangled cables. Without holding cables, you can curl your hair anywhere with complete freedom of movement. You won't have to make any effort, just let the Automatic Hair Curler do the work and you will have perfect curls in seconds.

no more burns

Don't burn yourself again! Now your fingers, face, neck, head will be protected thanks to the heat insulation design of this hair curler. The hot parts remain inside the curling iron structure, allowing you to manipulate it freely without fear of burning yourself.

take it wherever you want

Our cordless curling iron is small and delicate. This means you can even take it with you in your bag so you can achieve perfect curls anytime, anywhere, even if you're traveling around the world. Get a hair touch up anytime!

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