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CleanRobot® Cleaning Robot

CleanRobot® Cleaning Robot

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CleanRobot® - The smart way to clean your home

The new and efficient CleanRobot® intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect helper to clean the floor quickly and comfortably! Thanks to its modern and functional design, it changes direction when it encounters obstacles and fits under most furniture.

Powerful sweeping and vacuuming for all types of surfaces

Don't worry about cleaning anymore

Quiet, efficient and fast

Advanced technology to improve your cleaning

Forget vacuuming for months.

Thanks to innovation, the CleanRobot® is designed to make your dream of having a clean house every day come true. CleanRobot® is an excellent solution to start cleaning your home more intelligently. Its price, from € 39.99 (€59.99 ), is also smart.

Technology for your home

CleanRobot® technology has a state-of-the-art system that cleans thoroughly by dragging dirt on carpets and rugs.
It has intelligent navigation technology with proximity sensors, allowing the robot to vacuum more efficiently, designing optimized routes so that not an inch of your floor remains uncleaned.
Avoid all obstacles thanks to its smart sensors!

Dirt and dust cannot hide.

The cleaning system of this CleanRobot® packs a punch when it comes to dirt. With its system designed to clean thoroughly, no crumb is safe.

This rotating brush is designed with two materials, it has bristles and rubber silicone to remove all types of dirt.

The Side Edge Brush is specially designed to sweep and trap dirt around edges and in corners.

He can jump over obstacles up to 2 cm high to get everywhere!

Take cleaning to the next level.

With its reduced structure, the CleanRobot® reaches every corner and can go under almost any piece of furniture.

Its long-lasting deposit ensures that you will not have to worry about cleaning its interior for a long time, being able to forget about cleaning with the guarantee that your floor will always be clean.

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