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Cleaning Mop Robot

Cleaning Mop Robot

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Cleaning robot with a mop, it has a minimalist and timeless design that adapts to all interiors!

This cleaning robot has a resistant cover. This material prevents scratches and allows the lid to be easily cleaned. The design of this type of mops , without superfluous buttons, is optimized: it has a single button to quickly activate cleaning.

thulos cleaning robot in good condition.

The Cordless Robot - Robot Vacuum is extremely easy to handle, thanks to its lightness, weighing only 1 kg. It moves easily and smartly, even under low furniture, thanks to its 7.6 cm height. Compact and quiet (65dB), it will soon find its place in your home.

thulos cleaning robot in good condition.

For optimal cleaning, this Cordless Robot - Robot Vacuum is equipped with five movement modes, allowing it to respond to all needs.


  • 1 X Cordless Robot - Robot Vacuum
  • 1 X Charging Cable
  • 1 X Brush
  • 1 X Microfiber Towel

Say goodbye to all the dust hidden in the corners with this Wireless Robot!

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