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Smart watch KW19

Smart watch KW19

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King Wear 19 - the smartwatch that will revolutionize the market in 2021

Are you thinking of getting a smart watch to solve your life this 2021? Do not think twice and discover the most famous Smartwatch of this year, at a price that you will not find again.

Kingwear KW19 smartwatch has seven sports modes, walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football.

It also has sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, remote control for music and camera.

Other features included are weather, alarm, call and message notifications, and social app notifications.

It is the perfect ally to take control of your life from your wrist!

7 sport modes

Take your training to the next level, and let yourself be surprised by the 7 exclusive sports modes that the Smartwatch KW19 brings included.

The precision sensors in your smartwatch record your activity and analyze it. Take control of your efficiency , heart rate or calorie consumption, among others.

The best ally for your heart

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Smartwatch KW19 has high-precision sensors and algorithms. You will be able to control your heart , know your blood pressure and keep track of your oxygen in the blood .

It allows you to monitor your health in real time, giving you information you can trust to improve your condition and always control how your body feels.

Messages and calls at the moment

Do you use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other messaging app? The Smartwatch KW19 keeps you always connected, from your wrist.

Get all notifications instantly so you never miss a thing.

Are you more of calls? No problem! The Smartwatch KW19 You can also receive and answer your calls at the moment

The style you deserve

90% of the buyers of the KW19 Smartwatch say that it is the best-looking smartwatch they have ever seen. Do you want customization? Discover its creative and original spheres!

With the designs available, you will always stand out wherever you go for your daring and original style .

control your rest

If you are thinking of controlling your sleep time, the quality of your rest and making sure that you stay sufficiently active during the day, the Smartwatch KW19 allows you to take the control you want.

with their ways of sleep monitoring and Sedentary lifestyle control you will ensure that you enjoy the highest quality of your rest while, during the day, you receive reminders to keep your body active.

Long duration battery

The Smartwatch KW19 has a 230 mAh battery. Thanks to this you can always be connected without having to carry your mobile with you.

In addition, with its innovative shared wireless charging technology, you will ensure that you have a battery anytime and anywhere.

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