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Smart watch Y1

Smart watch Y1

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Smartwatch Y1 - discover the new generation of smart watches

Improve your health and productivity.
Solve your life with an assistant from your wrist.
Receive your notifications instantly.
Enjoy unlimited customization. 

Alfawise Y1, the smartwatch with telephone functions on request ...

Your personal trainer on the wrist

The Smartwatch Y1 is your perfect ally for training in the gym, going for a run or practicing your favorite sports.

From your wrist you can count steps and improve your workouts thanks to its integrated sports tachograph.

Alfawise Y1, the smartwatch with telephone functions for only 6 euro

Remote access to your mobile camera

Do you want to be able to see at all times what your mobile camera is recording? The Smartwatch Y1 allows you to connect via Bluetooth and activate the remote camera.

Always connected to take photos from a distance or keep an eye on you!

control your rest

If you are thinking about controlling your sleep time, the quality of your rest and making sure that you stay active enough during the day, the Y1 Smartwatch allows you to take the control you want.

With its Sleep Control and Sedentary Lifestyle Control modes, you will ensure that you enjoy the highest quality of your rest while, during the day, you receive reminders to keep your body active.

Notifications and calls from your wrist

Do you use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other messaging app? The Y1 Smartwatch keeps you always connected, from your wrist.

Get all notifications instantly so you never miss a thing.

Are you more of calls? No problem! The Smartwatch Y1 can also receive and answer your calls instantly.

Customize to your liking

Technology, sports, mechanics, animation characters... Choose any theme you want. Hundreds of customizable dials at your disposal, to make your watch as unique as you are.

Do you want more? Customize the clock face with your favorite image and define your own style!

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