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xWatch 6 + FREE Bluetooth Speaker

xWatch 6 + FREE Bluetooth Speaker

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xWatch 6 + Air Pro FREE

xWatch 6 - A novelty !

This smart watch can save your life! 
With smart features developed by our engineers, the xWatch 6 is very easy to use.

Now you can modify your wallpaper whatever you want!
have already joined a crowd of wallpapers, but progress doesn't stop there.

From our application dedicated to this new model, you can import and put your most beautiful photos as wallpaper!

Receive your notifications instantly!
 Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter...?
 Facebook, Messenger, Instagram...
 Your email, Viber, Telegram, SMS, call...

A huge time saver for you!

What are the advantages of the xWatch 6

Measure your heart rate, blood pressure, etc...

Check the number of steps and the kilometers you have walked.

Control your calorie intake.

Monitor the quality of your sleep. 

Control your music. 

10 sport modes designed to analyze your workouts.

Compatible with iOS and Android: The connected clock of xWatch 6 It is compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, Nokia, etc.) Smartphones.

 Ultra-fast: Equipped with a dual-core processor, the xWatch 6 connected watch is ultra-fast to launch your apps and navigate smoothly.

 Esthetic: Elegant, discreet and fashionable, the xWatch 6 connected watch will allow you to assert your style, in black, white or pink!

 Magnetic charger: Recharging is easy thanks to the supplied magnetic cable, no batteries needed

Waterproof : The xWatch 6 is splash proof

 In three colors: Choose your favorite color according to your style and mood.


Your closest health partner

We want to make it clear that our products are xWatch 6 and not AppleWatch, but they will give you a similar product experience.
User manual in Spanish

  • xWatch 6 comes with charger
  • logo box
  • Instruction manual

- Clock dimensions: 3.8cm*4.4cm
- Touch screen dimensions: 1.54 inches, 2.7 cm * 2.7 cm
- Bracelet dimensions: length: 25.5 cm, width: 2.1 cm
- Bracelet colors: white, black, pink
- Gender: Male, Female
- Compatible with iOS 8 and above, Android 4.4 and above
- Language: Spanish, 8 other languages ​​available: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Turkish 
-Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0
- Aluminum box
- Weight: 50g

An essential life partner

For each order placed xWatch 6 we guarantee:

  • ✅Free delivery
  • ✅24/7 reactive support
  • ✅The best price and quality
  • ✅Money back guarantee

 we are the only authorized company to distribute these watches in Spain and Europe.
Our brand is a protected and proprietary trademark and our Instagram community is 30,000 subscribers .


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